Xerox Large Format Printer Feature Keys

Xerox Feature Keys provide additional functionality to existing Xerox large format print systems. Available Feature Keys and prices are listed below.

Quantities are limited. Available only while supplies last.

For additional information or to make a purchase, please call Toby Funderburk at 1-800-849-7708 (Charlotte local number: 704-372-7766).

Xerox Large Format Printer Feature Keys
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Xerox Feature Keys


Xerox CLRSCN 6279 Color Scan to Net $1,000
Xerox 60XX9D 9D speed upgrade $1,000
Xerox Synergix SY5to7D scanner speed key $1,000
Xerox Synergix Sy7to10D printer speed key $1,500
Xerox Synergix Sy5to10D printer speed key> $1,500
Xerox Synergix WFturbo3 Turbo III Key $1,000
Xerox Synergix Enablement Kit SY4ips Scanner speed key $500
Xerox 6204 5-D printer speed key $700


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